Hi I’m Murat Vapurcu from Turkey. My reason for coming here was to dive. The list of criteria was to take photo of underwater creatures. At the end of my 3 dives i had a problem and not able to do any more dives. I’ll be glad but almost 🙂 is the reason you all very beautiful person. I loved all of them one by one.
I have shared many things sitting here all day. When i meet with each one on each side of the resort and your smiling faces. good conversation ,you gave me health , everyone is doing a nice job as a professional in the resort.interest in the diving guides and diving assistance is great .change clothes area,photo room,the genus bar that was my corner 😉 ,restaurant all very nice places , we are pleased to everything and everyone. And of course i want to come again because i can’t dive . I hope that time can be more diving and more take photos,thank you all so much for everything again and again,at diving center to Dimpy for to take care of me,to Sandro because sincerty ,to Ramly for the same reason,to Sacha ,to Lauren,to Iwan for pray to me and to be my guide, to Miguel and Ana thank you for looking after me, to Linda P my lovely teacher……..Linda di mana elektrik fan:)))))) TERIMA KASIH,to naomi for sweet tea,to Lilian for good conversations everytime,to Lisa do you drink coffee when all you see me and asked for 🙂 LISA SAYA MINTA COFEE…..,to everyone at restaurant for all time to say Hi Murat how are you 😉 today 🙂 to Yunita at reception 🙂 , and of course for every minute to Rosa , for not to feel alone’ve made nice conversation with beautiful friendship .Rosa really thank you for everything…..SAMPAÏ JUMPA LAGI

Cumhur Marsan: Makro fotograf icin tam bir cennet.Rehberimiz Fandy cok iyi.Tum personel cana yakin, yardimci olmak icin daima guleryuzlu ve ilgili.Resort mukemmel.bes yildizli bir foto turu oldu…

Akin Yikdirim: 10 numara 5 yildiz isletme ve hizmet. Su alti fotografciligi ozellikle macro severler icin bir cennet. Rehberler canlilari resmen onunuze servis ediyorlar:)
Simartildik desem ozet olur:) Fevkaladenin fevkinde tavsiye ederim…..