My second trip to Lembeh was even better than the first. Staff is fantastic and makes us feel like family. Dive guides and dive center ([email protected]) staff are incredible, wouldn’t see anything without them. Thanks for a memorable time at Lembeh Resort. Hope to be back again next year!-Paul Waldeck

We appreciated the two to one diver guide ratio and your guides are the best. It was also such a pleasure to see Kerri and Hergen again and to get photo advice from Steve! I so appreciate the E-6 processing. Thank you very much for making it a great vacation.
-Lauren and Brad Greider

I could fill pages and pages and pages with praise for Lembeh Resort, the diving and in particular the incredible staff of the resort and [email protected] Suffice it to say, we had a wonderful month here with lots of great photos, much laughter, and friends for life! We will be back again next year!
-Chris Newbert

This is an amazing place! It’s my third time here, and it gets better every time!
Mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, painted frogfish, warty frogfish, zebra crab, coleman shrimp, tiger shrimp, boxer crab (with eggs!), wonderpus octopus, many ghost pipefish, blue ringed octopus and the list goes on…
Thank you to all at Lembeh Resort, this is fantastic!

This is my second time diving at Lembeh Resort with [email protected] At Lembeh there is always something new and amazing and unexpected to see and photograph! Thank you to all hte staff of Lembeh Resort and [email protected]!
-Tony Frank

“First visit for Tina, repeat for Mike. Great Visit! Fabulous staff – massages awesome! Mike enjoyed dives – great critters! Land excursions great too. Helen & Gizmo fantastic! Food – wine – company adore you. Look forward to next year, bring on the fun & wine! Much love to all!
-Mike & Tina Jones

This was our third visit to Lembeh Straits ( sorry, the two preceding stays were, well….catty-corner).
You do have the best dive guides in the world, thanks a million to Ronald, Andy, Jonny, Opo, Dimpy, Iwan and all the guides we cannot call by name.
Thank´s also to the fabulous staff. I cannot put it into better words than our dear friend Wayne Holman:”….All of you love me, and I love you. This is a fantastic place.”
We owe Steve a very special dept of gratitude for his expertise and his tireless effort to solve all scuba- and camera-gear querries. His constantly availability, his pacience and troubleshooting is hard to top, an admirable character who will be a benefit to any operation in this field, thank´s Steve, all the best, hope to see you again soon. We will be back.
-Rudi & Ingo

It was a gas! You have the best dive guides in the world…not just Opo, but Ronald & Oksin as well, they were incredible. All of you love me, and I love you. This is a fantastic place.
-Wayne Holman