Duxy (Group Leader and Shelly): Maikel, Iwan, Jhoe, Abner, Opo K, and Opo S- Perhaps an eye transplant from them for me!! It’s probabli the best dive and photo resort I’ve ever been to.
Nicholas More: All amazing!

Fransisco (Patxi) Terreros: Fantastic holiday.

Phil and Anne Medcalf: Opo K ensured we had turns on premium critters or when at depth. Maikel also pointed out a lot of stuff- both a pleasure to dive and laugh with.

Dawn Thomas: Everything was perfect. My dive guides were all excellent. Hellen was also very friendly and helpful

Andrew Barker: All dive sites were excellent. Great boats and crew.Opo K and Jhoe tried to make sure you got your images when some guests dive on their shoulders, so they grab the critters.