Bridget and Alan Thomas: Incredible diving and wonderful staff. Exceeded all my expectations !
Lembeh shouldvbe on every diver’s bucket list.
I can’t wait to return to Lembeh Resort.

Judi Syson & Mary Wilson:
Lembeh Resort exceeded our expectations and we are preety hard to really impress! The staff are always cheerful and helpful, they have fun with you and provide the very best service. The diving is amazing; who would have believed we would enjoy hours of grubbing around in the sand, but we did because the dive guides are skilled spotters and knowledgable about the critters, their habitats and behviours. The boat crews keep you safe and make the day boating a relaxing part of the whole experience. Great leaders in all departments make this place run like clockwork and we will definately come back soon!

Dave, Delayne & Ann Padila
The warmth and hospitality of the gentle people of Lembeh provide a perfect compliment to the wonderous world of undersea muck and the critters it holds.

Debbie & kent Fischvog:
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Lembeh. The diving was spectacular. Dive

Masters and crew were very helpful and courteous. All the helpers in the dining

Room were very attentive and friendly to us. Not a single complaint. We hope

To return some day!!!

Mary Beth Kelzer:
EVERY diver should come here!!! NOTHING you read or are told can prepare you for the superlative experience. The staff provides for your EVERY need with a smile. I want to come back! Mary Beth.