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5th Time a Charm for Reidar!

January 17, 2012

Reidar Opem recently left after his 5th trip to stay with us here at Lembeh Resort and when diving with the our great Critters@Lembeh guides, he has always enjoyed perfecting his Macro Photography. This trip he seemed to take it one step further and was trying to get some Super Macro shots including these beautiful photos of a Pygmy Cuttlefish and Cadlinella Ornatissima Nudibranch.

Reidar enjoyed diving with all of our guides but have some great dives with Andy, who was constantly giving him lots of information of different critter behavior. He also regularly enters his photos into the Photo of the Week competition on Wetpixel, we wonder if he will enter some of these shots? Favorites of ours are the ones of the Starry Night Octopus and the ‘smiling’ Flying Gurnard, both taken on a night dive. Thanks again to Reidar for sharing his photos with us and we are looking forward to welcoming him back for his 6th visit.

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