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Lucky Moment for Birgit and Erwin!

January 29, 2012

Have you ever seen spider crabs fighting? Well our friend Birgit Gutmeier, who recently visited us with her dive buddy and husband Erwin has! She was lucky enough to get a shot of the two spider crabs fighting during one of their dives with our Critters@Lembeh team. It was their second visit to Lembeh Resort and they managed to see many new critters that they haven’t seen before and one of their favorite new critters was the Algae Octopus. Birgit also captured great shots of critter behavior ranging from a Peacock Mantis Shrimp with Eggs to a Porcupine Fish hiding in the hole to a Bargibanti Pigmy Seahorse hiding between opened polyps on a Muricella Sea Fan. We also have some more of her shots including a Pygmy Cuttlefish feeding, Glossodoris cincta ‘carrying’ two Emperor Shrimps and also a Stargazer was a good model and allowed her to get a great close up shot! We present some of her images in our small gallery, thank you Birgit for sharing!

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