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Fun Times at the Lembeh Resort Staff Family Day!


At the end of August we were able to take advantage of a quiet day at the resort and held the annual Lembeh Resort Staff Family Day. After the success of the Critters@Lembeh Family Picnic at Batu Nona Resort, we decided to hold our family day there as well and it was a great decision. After loading all of the staff and their families onto buses we headed about 30 minutes south of Bitung to Batu Nona (loosely translated to Lady Rock ). The sun was shining and we started the day off with some games and singing – we definitely saw team work put into action in different ways during some of the games! After a small snack we all headed off into the pool and also took turns zooming around the lagoon on  jet-skis. A delicious Indonesian lunch was served and quickly finished so we could get on with having more fun! Even though the rain had started by this time, it did not dampen our spirits and we all carried on partying in the downpour! The day ended with group photos taken by Guillermo, our General Manager and afternoon tea with homemade cookies from Helen, our Guest Relations Manager! It was a great day and we had such fun celebrating a great year with all of our staff and their families.


Best resort and diving holiday we have had!

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