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Capturing Critters in Lembeh datang lagi! Januari 2021 akan menjadi foto dan video workhop yang ke-9 !! Tahun ini kami dengan bangga menyambut Photo Pro Indonesia Sofi Aida Sugiharto dan Hendro Hioe di Lembeh Resort. Sofi dan Hendro bersama in-house Photo Pro kami, James Emery, dan tiga asisten photografer, beserta ahli Biologi...

Soto Ayam In Indonesian there are two words for soup; soto and sup. Traditional Indonesian soups, are usually referred to as 'soto', and the word 'sup' usually refers to soups with a western influence. Soto Ayam is a traditional chicken (ayam) soup which is based on flavorsome broth and incorporates shredded...