Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh stand behind this initiative 100%. The following campaign explains what this is all about and why its so important we save sharks. Will you join us and help save our oceans sharks?

SINGAPORE WITHOUT FINS is a campaign started by Aaron Wong to achieve a ban on the consumption of shark fin in Singapore. Together with Asian Diver magazine and Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), the campaign aims to collect self portraits of people covering their mouths through social media and consolidate them into a ‘PETITION of FACES’.

Why save sharks?
We all live on a blue planet governed by our Oceans. Everything, from the food we eat to the conditioning of our climate that governs the very air we breathe, depends on our Oceans. As an apex predator, sharks control and regulate the health of our Oceans. Without them, the circle of life crumbles and everything eventually falls apart. So, like it or not, our Oceans NEED sharks.

Yet, over 70 million sharks are senselessly slaughtered each year for the fin trade. This is totally unsustainable for a specie with such slow reproductive cycle. Unlike other fish stocks, sharks cannot be farmed, which means every single bowl of shark fin soup ever consumed comes from the wild. The facts are in and numbers do not lie. If we continue on our current course, sharks will be extinct and with that, so will we in time. All this for a pointless bowl of soup that has been proven to hold no medicinal or nutritional value. Why do we harm the very thing that keeps us alive for a bowl of soup that in fact does us no good? Sad is the reality of the shark fin trade.

Why do we need a ban?
For over a decade, there have been many awareness campaigns that aim to educate people about the plight of these marine animals, in hopes that they will make the right decision to not consume shark fin soup. While it has helped to decrease consumption volume, the fact remains that the onslaught remains more than what shark populations can handle. Despite all the information, education and campaigns, this sad fact remains. Brunei has already made the ban, why not Singapore? A ban on consumption will have more impact than another decade of education can ever hope to achieve. As we head towards 2015, it is indeed time for a bigger step in the right direction.

The decision to use images of faces is simply because a face is a representation of one’s identity and means a lot more than a mere signature. It shows a real person more than words can ever do. Images also transcend the language barrier, so whoever you are, wherever you are from or whatever you speak, the message is clear.

Why Singapore?
Though small in size, Singapore is the second largest trading center and one of the biggest consumers of shark fin in the world. Stopping the fin trade in Singapore will undoubtedly have a significant positive impact. This is obtainable only if the world comes together and speaks as one. You may not be from Singapore or anywhere near, but what happens here affects you too. This is an Asian problem that plagues the world, so let’s set it right from where it all started. Let’s come together to do not only what we can, but what we must.

How can YOU help?
Harnessing the power of social media, we hope to collect a ‘PETITION of FACES’. Anyone from anywhere can upload a selfie onto the SINGAPORE WITHOUT FINS Facebook page and share it on your own Facebook timeline.

To get started, here are the three conditions you must follow:

– The image must be a selfie taken with the camera in one hand. Webcams are fine as well.

– You must cover your mouth in any way or with anything that you like. It can be shot anywhere so make it FUN!

– You must add a caption that says ‘I VOTE for a SINGAPORE WITHOUT FINS and nominate three other friends to do the same.

Once you have taken your selfie, upload it onto the SINGAPORE WITHOUT FINS Facebook page:
Once uploaded, please share it on your own page to help spread the message.

All the images will be consolidated on the SINGAPORE WITHOUT FINS Facebook group page. Working with Asian Diver magazine and the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) as official partners, we hope to gather 10,000 faces (or more!) by the first day of ADEX 2015 on April 10th. Every image will then be printed onto a large wall during the event and submitted as a petition in support of the cause. Those who are coming to ADEX 2015 are welcome to spot themselves on the wall. ANYONE can post their picture to support the cause even if they are not nominated. Regardless of who you are or which part of the world you are from, by doing this, we all become part of the voice that screams for change. Join Aaron in a PETITION of FACES and vote for a SINGAPORE WITHOUT FINS.