10th Anniversary Critters@Lembeh Family Picnic 8 August 2014

10th Anniversary [email protected] Family Picnic 8 August 2014

Annually [email protected] staff and their families get together for food, fun and games. This year the party was held at the Sutanraja Hotel and because it was our 10th  Anniversary the committee designed a cool commemorative T-shirt (seen in our post). The staff and their families had a perfect day with lots of laughs, games and prizes. Winners of the plate relay, balloon race, millipede race and soccer dance* were given [email protected] mugs for their morning Kopi (coffee). After a huge dinner we all celebrated with cake and awards were handed out.

 For those of you who don’t know, a soccer dance is kind of like musical chairs. Picture this; you’re out on the field trying your best to make that goal or pass and suddenly music comes on and everyone has to stop what they are doing and bust a move, dancing until the music stops, when they can resume their game. Lol, watch our video post and you’ll see it’s great fun for the spectators and players.

 Thanks to all the committee who helped organize the event, all our staff, their families and of course owners of [email protected] for wonderful day.