Best-Trained Guides in Indonesia – Part I

Best-Trained Guides in Indonesia – Part I

If you were to make a recipe for an amazing Lembeh dive guide, it might look something like this:


1 strong, healthy young person

2 cups of enthusiasm

1 tablespoon of talent for finding rare, camouflaged and tiny animals

1 litre of intuition and customer-service skills

2 heaps of ‘book learning’

a dash of dive equipment repair know-how

1 pack of underwater photography knowledge and experience

5 quarts of mentoring and role-modeling

Regular doses of safety, first aid and rescue training


Gently mix ingredients together and allow the guide to rise. Immerse 3 to 4 times daily in warm, critter-abundant water for several years, with regular infusions of new knowledge, feedback and training. – by Lauren Siba