Calendar Competition 2019 – VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL JULY 27TH

Calendar Competition 2019 – VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL JULY 27TH

Welcome to the critters@Lembeh Resort annual Calendar Competition! Vote for your favorite photos by “Liking” them.

The calendar features underwater images taken by our local dive guides. Each year guides submit images to be judged by you. The 11 chosen images will be featured in next year’s calendar.

Please “Like” the individual photo(s) – NOT the album. There are many amazing underwater images, and you can “Like” as many as you wish starting July 20th until July 27th. Photos with the most “Likes” will be used in the calendar.




Yellow dot guard crab – Trapezia cymodoce


Thecacera Sp7


Thecacera Sp.8


Thecacera picta


Starry blenny – Salarias ramosus


Sexy shrimp – Thor amboinensis


Raggy scorpionfish – Scorpaenopsis venosa


Pygmi cuttel fish – Sepia bandensis


Phestilla Sp


ocellated tozeuma shrimp – Tozeuma lanceolatum


Leather coral ghostgobi – Pleurosicya muscarum


Koumansetta rainfordi


Juvenile thornback cowfish – Lactoria fornasini


Juvenile puffer filefish – Brachaluteres taylori


Halgerda batangas


Hairy frogfish – Antennarius striatus


Glossodoris rufomarginatus – lying eggs


Depressed spyder crab – Xenocarcinus depressus


Coconut octopus – Amphiocetopus marginatus


Clown frogfish – Antennarius maculatus


Broadclub cuttlefish – sepia latimanus


Broadclub cuttlefish – sepia latimanus


Photo Competition - calendar 2018 - Lembeh Resort

Broadclub cuttlefish – sepia latimanus

Thank you for voting!