The Dive-Paradise on Earth

The Dive-Paradise on Earth

It was always a childhood dream of ours to dive in Lembeh Strait, and finally we discovered Lembeh Resort in 2005. Since that moment our dream came true and we instantly fell in love with this little green paradise. In the past 8 years we have already visited our “second home” 7 times and it was not the last time for sure!

The staff, whether in the restaurant or diving school, do everything they can to satisfy our every wish. One feels a warm welcome from the first day up to the last and can enjoy their vacation to the fullest and Lembeh resort is the perfect place to do so.

For me as an underwater photographer, it is a dream to present all these treasures and precious diamonds in the underwater world in the perfect light and observe them. The fascinating details, as well as the individual beauty of each critter delighted us again and again just as much as our first time seeing them.

Diving in the Strait is so unique, diverse, bizarre and beautiful at the same time. This incredible wealth of different animals and creatures in such a small space on this planet is second to none!

We would like to thank:  Abner – Achid – Agus – Ana – Andris – Aprilya – Benya – Bram – Chris – Christine – Critters@Lembeh – Danny – Deasy – Deny – Dimpy – Elvina – Fandy – Felicia – Ferry –  Filia – Gigs – Hariyati – Helen – Iwan B. – Jacksil – James – Jhoe – Jori – Julz – Lauren – Lee – Lembeh Resort – Lilian – Linda J. – Linda P. – Lovi – Maya – Maykel –  Metha – Miguel –  Mira –  Nancy – Naomi – Ona – Opo K. – Opo S. – Piere – Pim – Ramli – Ray – Revolino – Rosa – Sandro – Sascha – Sunny – Theqyu – Tiiwi – Wella – Yance – Yantie – Yunita and many more…

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