Fish Geek Week 2018 at Lembeh Resort

Fish Geek Week 2018 at Lembeh Resort

Fish Geek Week is here and we are excited to announce the arrival of our marine biology experts and self pronounced geeks of everything underwater.

Mark Erdmann and Gerry Allen are two of the region’s most experienced underwater naturalists. Throughout this week Mark and Gerry will share with guests their knowledge and passion for Indonesian marine life through a series of informal (yet highly informative) presentations and seminars – and we are extremely excited!!!


Fish Geek week

Our Four Experts have arrived for Fish Geek Week 2018


Fish Geek Week 2018 has been organised by Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock who are pioneers of underwater photography in the Lembeh Strait. Both Maurine and Burt are in resort too so we have an incredible panel of 4 marine life experts!

Presentation topics which our guests have to look forward to this week include:

• Coral reef fish identification

• North Sulawesi coral reef biodiversity

• Extreme Biodiversity – North Sulawesi to Raja Ampat, Indonesia

• The Coelacanth & the story of Mark’s incredible discovery in Manado

• Mimicry

• Specific presentations on families of fishes


Fish Geek

Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock are pioneers of underwater photography in Lembeh


As well as presentations, guests during Fish Geek Week will be enjoying incredible dives in the Lembeh Strait – with the experts. They’ll be able to discuss the critters which they have spotted underwater and we are sure our experts will be able to dazzle them with amazing marine life facts!


Fish Geek Lembeh

The Lembeh Strait is a treasure trove of critters for Fish Geeks


Did you know that the Lembeh Strait is world famous for having the highest density of rare and unusual marine life species on Earth? It’s no wonder that it has been named the “Critter Capital of the World” and that’s why it’s an incredible location for Fish Geek Week!


Mandarin fish geek

Mandarin fish are one of the highlights of diving in Lembeh


At Lembeh Resort we are extremely proud to be the only dive resort in the Strait which has an onsite, full time Photo Pro, Photo Centre, two Marine Biologists on staff and all of our Dive Guides are underwater photography and marine biology trained. We offer luxury accommodation, exquisite dining and exceptional service so if you are looking for the ultimate Lembeh diving experience contact us on:

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Lembeh Resort soon.