Got Muck in Lembeh

Got Muck in Lembeh

Kerri Bingham and Hergen Spalink (Got Muck) recently came to Lembeh Resort, bringing with them a group of super-nice people; here’s what Kerri and Hergen had to say about why they chose Critters@Lembeh:

The aptly named “Critter Capital of the World”, Lembeh Strait is home to some of the best macro diving in Indonesia.

Lembeh Resort and its dive center Critters@Lembeh is easily reached from the Manado Airport by a 1 and a half hour car ride and a ten minute boat ride.  Tucked away in a tropical garden setting, you will be charmed not only by the underwater critters but also the huge butterflies, tropical flowers and exotic bird life surrounding the resort. Some other things that make the Critters@Lembeh dive operation special:

  • Photo Pro Services – With few exceptions, most people haven’t used that camera gear in awhile or maybe came with a new setup.  With the only full-time Photo Pro in Lembeh, the Critters@Lembeh Photo Center can help you hit the ground running with one of their courses or help solve any problems you might have with your equipment.
  • The Diving – the diving in Lembeh is spectacular.  The world-famous critterful black sand slopes never cease to surprise and delight with their hidden treasures.  Things that are non-existent or very rare elsewhere are seen on a regular basis here.  In just a few days, we saw frogfishes, mimic, blue-ring and wunderpus octopuses, spectacular flasher wrasses and harlequin shrimp.  Check out some of the photos we got in the album below.

Our group had lots of fun and some of them will return for a second visit in April.  Thanks for a great stay and unforgettable dives!

Kerri Bingham & Hergen Spalink

Got Muck