The Online Critter Log

The Online Critter Log

Have you ever arrived home after a great scuba diving holiday and, excited to see your underwater photos, started going through them only to find that you wish you could get help on identifying some of the animals you photographed?

Did you visit Lembeh Resort and want to take home a copy of the Critter Log we use for dive briefings on the boat?

If you answered yes, or you simply want to learn more about the incredible diversity and abundance of underwater life in Asia Pacific, and Lembeh Strait in particular, then check out our online Critter Log.

The comprehensive online Critter Log has been painstakingly compiled largely by our in-house marine biologist, Dimpy Jacobs, and is very user friendly no matter whether you are a novice or expert in marine life. You can search by English (common) name, latin name, key word or taxonomical order, such as ‘Cephalopod’ or ‘Octopus’.


Each entry features a photo of the animal as well as detailed information such as what habitat it is found in, how frequently it is seen, best time of year to see it, depth range and which dive sites in Lembeh it is most commonly found at. For some of the animals the Critter Log also lists interesting facts – click here  for the Longarm Octopus entry to find out how this amazing animal escapes from predators when it’s attacked.

The online Critter Log is a constantly evolving work in progress. If you find a fish or critter entry without a photo and you have a photo of it you would like to contribute, we welcome you to contact us.

You may also know that many of our dive guides are talented and accomplished underwater photographers who take out Cameras@Lembeh equipment whenever they are not guiding; we are also beginning to add their their photos to the Critter Log to further showcase their talents.

We hope you will find our online Critter Log fun, useful and informative, and we welcome comments and contributions – just email us at