Say NO to Dirty Regulators

Say NO to Dirty Regulators

IMG_3494Iwan says: A clean regulator is a must!

Old Diver Proverb says: “Divers want to have a thriving ecosystem in the ocean, not in their regulator”

At Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort our policy is to properly clean our rental equipment every time a guest finishes using it. This is the process, Iwan, our licensed in-house service technician goes through after use of one of our rental regulators.

How we do this:

1. We attach the regulator to a tank and both 2nd stages need to be soaked in fresh water, this is to make sure there are no bubbles and to dissolve any salt crystals.

2. Iwan detaches the primary second stage from the hose and opens it up (if you choose to do this, we suggest you take a picture of the regulator with the back off so you’ll remember how to replace the parts) – all parts need to be soaked in a mixture of hot water and 25% vinegar for 10 minutes, then scrub the parts with a soft toothbrush, some liquid soap, and rinse. Clean the ‘octopus’ or alternate second stage the same way.

IMG_3498 3. After all the parts have been cleaned and dried, the regulator needs is put back together, by Iwan and tested on a tank to make sure that it works properly.

4. Always properly store you regulator in a dry protected environment, making sure that nothing is bent, twisted or crushed

This maintenance is done regularly every time the regulator has been used.


Happy cleaning!

Written by our own Iwan Muhani