Sex, Muck and Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part II

Sex, Muck and Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part II

Rock ‘n’ roll in Lembeh where the cuttlefish are copulating, the frogfish are frolicking and it’s getting a bit steamy in the Strait! Welcome to the Critter Capital of the World where it’s all about the sex, the muck and our rock ‘n’ roll critters.

Frogfish and cuttlefish, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2017

One of the highlights of muck diving in the Lembeh Strait is not just the critters but their behavioral characteristics which they are certainly not shy in displaying. Mating, hunting, feeding and hatching are all activities which we are fortunate enough to see everyday. This incredible underwater video footage was shot by our full time, on site Photo Pro Sascha Janson and is just a taste of what you can observe here in Lembeh.


Some of our most rock ‘n’ roll critters are among the smallest like the flamboyant cuttlefish. Did you know that once it has hatched from its egg it’s already equipped for hunting?

Flamboyant hatching, Axel Betterman, Lembeh strait Indonesia 2017


The blue ring octopus is famous for being a deadly marine species which flashes its (very rock ‘n’ roll) blue rings when threatened. This tiny predator likes to send a message.

Blue ringed octopus, Matt McGee, Lembeh strait, North sulawesi, Indonesia 2017


Frogfish are a favorite with underwater photographers in Lembeh and like all rock stars and celebrities they don’t mind throwing out some poses for the cameras. While they might not have the Mick Jagger swagger, don’t be deceived, these masters of camouflage are still rock ‘n roll as well adapted hunters who can pounce at lightening speed and swallow prey whole.

Hairy Frogfish

Photo by Sascha Janson (photo pro)


The tiny pygmy seahorse is one rock star that’s developed a style all of its own. By developing “tubercles” which resemble the polyps of the sea fan it lives on it has mastered camouflage and a cool new look!

Pygmy Seahorse Bargibanti, Bukhard ohlendorf, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2017


It doesn’t get much more rock ‘n’ roll than the wonderpus octopus – one of Lembeh’s most iconic critters. This snazzy looking cephalopod really knows how to move and is one of the most curious critters in the Strait.

Wunderpus octopus, William tan, Lembeh Strait Indonesia 2017

Have we whet your appetite for muck diving yet? Come and experience the wonders of the Lembeh Strait and dive some of Indonesia’s best dive sites in North Sulawesi.

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