Sex, Muck and Rock and Roll – Part I

Sex, Muck and Rock and Roll – Part I

The Lembeh Strait can rival even the biggest rock legend’s after party when it comes to sex, muck and rock and roll!!

Sex in the Lembeh Strait? Oh yes, the critters in Lembeh aren’t always discreet when it comes to making out in the muck. Some of the rarest and most unusual behavior occurs when the critters are copulating!

Mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus) are one of our favorites to watch as they perform their sunset mating rituals over the corals. It’s worth the wait to watch a pair spiral up and simultaneously release sperm and eggs. Front row seats? Yes please!


Sex, Muck and Rock N Roll - Lembeh Resort

Mandarinfish (Synchiropus splendidus)

Photo by Andrew Raak


Tiger shrimp (Phyllognathia ceratopthalmus) are another species who are not shy when it comes to mating. In preparation, the smaller male climbs on top of the larger female to stimulate her prior to their abdomen to abdomen mating.


Tiger shrimp (Phyllognathia ceratopthalmus)

Photo by Dimpy Jacobs


Rock n’ roll? The Lembeh Strait has to be one of the funkiest and punkiest places to dive on the planet when it comes to rock n’ roll style critters. With everything from vivid, fluorescent pink and yellow Hypselodoris nudibranches through to grungy looking frogfish, there isn’t much that the Lembeh Strait can’t offer. If it’s rock n’ roll life style that impresses you, take a look at this video of some of the critters in action stand off battles, pouncing with lightening speed, stalking and of course, strutting. Everything in Lembeh wants to be the star of the show.


Sex, Muck and Rock N Roll - Lembeh Resort

Hypselodoris tryoni

Photo by Opo Sedang Makasighe (dive guide)

Muck, we have in abundance but it’s not just any muck. The Lembeh Strait is known as the Critter Capital of the World and is ho

me to the undisputed best muck diving on the planet. As you descend down our volcanic black sand dive sites you’ll be amazed at how each dive quickly reveals a plethora of some of Indonesia’s rarest and most unusual marine life.

Here at Lembeh Resort our team of professionally trained Dive Guides have a combined total of more than 70,000 dives in the Lembeh Strait making them also rock stars of the slopes!

Photo by Sascha Janson (Photo Pro)


We also like to venture further afield and visit many of Lembeh’s coral reef dive sites which are where it’s possible to see passing reef sharks, rays, mangroves meeting the reef and clouds of schooling fish we think that’s all pretty rock and roll too!

Mangrove – Batu Angus

Photo by Sascha Janson – photo pro

When we are not out diving the Strait, Lembeh Resort offers exquisite dining, luxury accommodation and unbeatable underwater photography and videography facilities. Our on site, full time Photo Pro and our underwater photography trained Dive Guides will give you the best opportunities to capture stunning shots of our remarkable marine life.

Batu Angus - Mangrove - Lembeh Strait

Dive site Batu Angus

Photo by Alexandra Ross

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