Tuesday Tips & Techniques from Photo Pro Sascha Janson #11

Tuesday Tips & Techniques from Photo Pro Sascha Janson #11

On select Tuesdays, Cameras@Lembeh (the first and only Photo & Video Center in Lembeh Strait) will feature Tips and Techniques by Photo Pro Sascha Janson. Sascha will offer up a range of information, you never know what piece of wisdom he will impart.

Sascha says: Take your time while setting up your camera gear!

All the critters here in Lembeh attract a lot of photographers. A lot of photographers means many cameras – all these cameras need setting up to be able to capture images underwater. If you set up your gear in a hurry, chances are that you may forget one simple step, not pay attention to details, and squish the o-ring, miss that “little hair” or “tiny piece of tissue” on the o-ring which can cause a leak, or in the worst case, even forget the o-ring itself. And don’t forget the last step – after setting up your camera, take a test shot while still in the camera room to make sure your memory card and battery are in, the lens cap is not on and everything is working properly.

Always try to set your gear up in the evening, so you know it’s ready for the first morning dive (even if your eyes are still half closed). 99% of all the flooded cameras I’ve seen happened because their owners were trying to set them up in a hurry. I know sometimes there is hardly any time between the dives because you also want to eat that delicious lunch or snack, but if you take your time while setting up your camera gear it’s much more likely that everything is done correctly and you’ll have more time to enjoy taking images underwater.

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