Dive Guide Underwater Photography Calendar 2019

Dive Guide Underwater Photography Calendar 2019

Every year at Lembeh Resort we publish a calendar which consists of underwater images taken by our talented team of Dive Guides. To decide which 12 images will be used in the calendar we ask people to “Like” their favorites on Facebook and for guests in resort to vote on the ones they like best.

This year we had an incredible response with many of you voting and the overall winning image (with the most “Likes”) was a stunning hairy frogfish image taken by Dive Guide Sandro Maabuat (above) – congratulations to Sandro who also had the 2nd placed image of Halgerda batangas (below).



Sandro’s second place image of Halgerda batangas


The other winning images were of a wide range of Lembeh Strait critters, including raggy scorpionfish, redhead coral goby, clown frogfish, depressed spider crab, sexy shrimps, Thecacera Sp., pygmy cuttlefish, Phestilla Sp. and a beautiful juvenile pufferfish.

We are extremely proud of all of our Dive Guides who have not only displayed their own underwater photography skills but also highlighted the extreme marine bio-diversity which we have here in Lembeh – well done to everyone!

Here are the other 9 winning images (in addition to Sandro’s) which will be published in our 2019 calendar:


Lembeh Underwater Photography

Raggy scorpionfish Scorpaenopsis venosa by Fandy



Goby Lembeh

4.Redhead coral goby by Agus Peloa



Frogfish Lembeh Resort

5. Clown frogfish by Elbart Katiandagho


Underwater photography Lembeh Resort

6. Depressed spider crab by Opo Sedang


Lembeh Resort Photography

7. Sexy shrimp by Guntur Salindeho


Nudi Lembeh

8. Thecacera sp. 8 by Vadly Bawata

Lembeh Pygmy Cuttlefish

9. Pygmy cuttlefish by Julia Sangi


Diving in Lembeh

10. Phestilla sp. by Opo Sedang

Underwater photography Lembeh

11. Juvenile puffer filefish by Nolfi Babai



Are you planning your next trip to Lembeh? Lembeh’s world famous muck diving sites are packed with phenomenal marine species and incredible underwater photography opportunities. Did you know that all Lembeh Resort Dive Guides are trained in underwater photography and marine biology? Lembeh Resort is also the only resort in the Strait to offer a full time, on site Photo Pro, two Marine Biologists and a fully fitted Photo Centre.

For more information or to make a reservation please contact us at: reservations@LembehResort.com 

We look forward to diving in Lembeh with you soon.