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Dive into Lembeh’s rich muck diving sites – the Lembeh Strait is World famous for it’s abundance of rare and unusual marine life. This is one of the most unique dive destinations on earth and with our leading Dive Center, Critters at Lembeh Resort, you’ll experience diving in Lembeh in luxury.


The Critter Capital of the World, a Muck Diving Mecca and the Twilight Zone are just a few of the names that have been given to Lembeh over the years due to it’s high density, and diversity, of rare and unusual marine life. Diving in Lembeh is unlike diving anywhere else as every dive reveals countless species of critters which have made their homes here on Lembeh’s famous muck diving slopes.

Critters at Lembeh Resort is our world famous Dive Centre and they’ll take you on an amazing underwater adventure like no other. Lembeh isn’t just home to frogfish, it’s home to 8 different species of frogfish, 12 species of octopus, numerous crustacean species that cannot be found anywhere else on earth, 3 species of pygmy seahorse, countless numbers of nudibranch species and new discoveries are continuously being made. Some of Lembeh’s most iconic species include the Hairy Frogfish, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, Wunderpus, Mandarin Fish, Mimic Octopus, Rhinopias Scorpionfish, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Blue Ring Octopus, and the list goes on. Take a look at our Critter Log to see the weird, wonderful, and bizarre species that await you – there are simply too many to list here.

Muck diving is at its best in Lembeh, where the sheer abundance of biodiversity and unique critters is greater than it is anywhere else. For beginners, the marine life found by your guide is simply intriguing, unique, and downright weird all at once.

For more experienced divers, the exhilaration of making “special finds” for yourself gives a rush of adrenaline that can’t be matched. And for underwater photographers, a great photograph speaks many millions of words.

Dive Boat in Lembeh Strait

Critters at Lembeh Resort’s fleet of boats are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. You’ll find ample padded seating, storage places and both shaded and sunny areas to warm up after a successful critter dive in the Strait. All boats have onboard bathrooms and carry first aid kits and emergency oxygen.

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Dive Guide in Lembeh Strait

The Critters at Lembeh Resort team of dive guides have a combined total of over 70,000 dives in the Lembeh Strait. All dive guides go through our rigorous training programs with multiple levels of critter training. Your dive guide will be by your side on every single dive and lead you to some of Lembeh’s most iconic critters.

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Imagine diving one of the marine richest areas on earth with your own private boat and private guide. We are also able to offer camera caddy services for underwater photographers who would like additional assistance. This is the ultimate way to experience exclusive diving Lembeh.

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Discover one of the most unique underwater eco-systems on the planet. Diving in Lembeh is incomparable to anywhere else on earth and when you dive with Critters at Lembeh Resort, you’ll be combining this underwater experience with a stay in luxury.

We look forward to diving with you soon in Lembeh.

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Dive Courses in Lembeh

If you’d like to take a PADI Course in Lembeh our professional Instructors are able to teach all levels from complete beginners taking the Open Water Course through to Divemaster Candidates and those who wish to take a specialty program. All courses are expertly taught with attention to detail and you’ll be side by side with one one of our instructors from start to finish.

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Guided Snorkeling in Lembeh

Critters at Lembeh Resort offers exclusive snorkeling experiences in the Lembeh Strait. Our snorkeling guides have years of experience, are trained in marine biology and are passionate about sharing the rare and unusual critters which the Lembeh Strait has to offer. Enjoy a snorkeling experience like no other in Lembeh – the world’s most famous muck and richest reefs await you.

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Lembeh Resort Diving critter log

For anyone who has an interest in marine life, our famous Critter Log is a phenomenal resource. This large database is regularly updated by our marine biologists and contains images of all of the critters and fish found in the Lembeh Strait. Look up a critter you have’t identified yet or those which you have seen underwater and would like to learn more about.

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Lembeh Resort is proud to offer volunteering and internship opportunities. If you have a passion for marine life, sustainability or have something to offer one of our local communities then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Conservation in Lembeh