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Critters at Lembeh Resort


Watch the largest animal migration on the planet in the Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Resort is at the forefront of diving developments and both blackwater and bonfire diving are relatively new types of diving which are perfectly suited to the Lembeh Strait.

Life in our oceans depends on plankton and both bonfire and blackwater diving rely on strong lights to attract microscopic plankton, which in turn, attracts an abundance of weird and bizarre looking larvae stage critters. The migration of creatures from the deep to shallower depths is the largest migration of species on the planet – and it happens every night of the year, right here in the Lembeh Strait.

The critters which we spot on these dives are rarely seen by other divers – which makes these dives an extremely special event, and a must for underwater photographers. Some of the most impressive larvae we encounter includes; mototi octopus, mantis shrimps, snake blennies, coconut octopus, flying gurnards and an array of other fish, crustaceans and cephalopods – we have even encountered paper nautilus before, just beneath the surface.

Bonfire diving involves the lights being placed on a sandy slope whereas during blackwater dives, the lights are suspended from the boat over deep, open water. No previous experience of blackwater or bonfire diving is required as your Dive Guide will give a thorough briefing  prior to the dives.

Our blackwater and bonfire dives depart at 6.30pm and we are back in time to enjoy dinner in the restaurant. Bonfire and blackwater dives can be arranged at any time (minimum 2 divers) but the best times are around the new moon. Blackwater and bonfire dives are dependant on sea conditions.

A minimum of 2 divers are required and there is a US $75 per person surcharge. For more information about blackwater or bonfire diving in the Lembeh Strait contact us.