Batu Punteng Dive Site
Diver with butterflyfish
Batu Mandi Dive Site
Cavern in North Sulawesi
Pulisan Peninsula
Featherstar and scuba diver
Critters at Lembeh Resort


Exploring coral reefs beyond the Lembeh Strait

The little known regions of Kalinaun and Pulisan lie between the north of the Lembeh Strait and Bangka Island. Situated in this unique location, between world class muck diving sites and bountiful coral reefs, it is not surprising that the diving here in nothing short of exceptional.

The topside scenery as we sail around Kalinaun and the Pulisan Penisula is simply breathtaking – secluded bays with aquamarine water and tropical white sand beaches. Many of these picturesque coves and beaches give way to some of our most impressive dive sites such as Pantai Kecil, Batu Mandi and Sampiri where North Sulawesi’s volcanic roots are realised through an underwater hot spring flowing out of the reef at around 20 meters.

Kalinaun and Pulisan dive sites are home to a plethora of unusual critters which abound among a myriad of reef fish and vibrant corals. Underwater topographies are equally varied and range from sloping reefs through to walls, small pinnacles and drop offs. For those who are keen to experience the diversity of North Sulawesi this is region offers a wonderful contrast to Lembeh’s famous muck.

Wide angle underwater photography opportunities are limitless in Kalinaun and Pulisan. Huge sea fans, dramatic rock formations and kaleidoscopic reef scenes make perfect imaging subjects – as do the schooling fish and passing pelagics which we often encounter here. When you are looking closer into the reef, there is no shortage of critters for close focus wide angle shots.

During our day trips to Bangka Island we often dive and a number of Kalinaun and Pulisan dive sites, and trips specifically to this region can also be arranged. Our day trips outside of the Lembeh Strait are three dive trips with refreshments and lunch served either on the boat or on one of the many white sand beaches.

Day trips depart after breakfast at 8.00am and return to Lembeh Resort at around 4pm. Trips can be arranged either in advance or in resort. For more information or to reserve a day trip in advance of your stay, contact us.