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Night Diving in Lembeh Strait
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Exploring the Mysteries of the Deep

Introducing Dusk and Night Diving

Here at Lembeh Resort we don’t stop diving as the sunsets, instead we see this as another opportunity to go critter hunting! We offer a range of different dusk and night dives so that guests can see all that is on offer in the Lembeh Strait.

The Advantages of Dusk and Night Diving

Join us for a night dive or dusk dive and see some of Lembeh’s most iconic critters. Many of the species which the Lembeh Strait is best known for are nocturnal and become active after the sun starts to set. Night and dusk dives in Lembeh Strait are when you have the best chances of seeing stargazers, numerous species of octopus, the infamous bobbit worm, squids and other crustaceans and cephalopods. As day turns to night is when you will also see a range of different behaviors on display as some critters settle down for the night and others are just coming out.

Dusk and Night Diving Preparation

If you are new to dusk or night diving, let our team know and we can arrange for you to take your PADI Night Diver Adventure Dive with one of our instructors during your stay! This dive can also count towards your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, if you are not already certified, and it’s also the first dive of the PADI Night Specialty Diver Course.

When making dusk or night dives with us, we always start with a thorough briefing so you will know what to expect before entering the water. Our briefings include reminders about underwater communication at night, a dive site briefing, and entry and exit procedures.

We have rental underwater torches for those who do not have their own and for underwater photographers we have a selection of additional lights and strobes available to rent from our Photo Center.

Types of Night Diving in Lembeh

Our regular night dives depart after sunset to give Lembeh’s nocturnal critters time to come out of their daytime hiding spots and become active. Because so many of Lembeh’s most iconic critters are active at night, we recommend that all divers take at least one night dive during their stay! At Lembeh Resort we offer a range of different night diving experiences. Here are some of our favorites!

Stargazer Lembeh Strait

See some of Lembeh’s most bizarre inhabitants after the sun starts to set. Bonfire dives are a wonderful way to see another side to the Lembeh Strait. Bonfire diving requires the use of strong lights (provided by our Dive Center) which are placed on a sandy slope at around 15 meters. The strong lights are the ‘bonfire’ and where the action happens! The lights will attract plankton which then becomes a hotspot for a myriad of critters coming out to feed.

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Black Water Diving Lembeh

Discover the pelagic critters which emerge from the deep during a blackwater dive. This relatively new type of diving reveals some incredible marine life sighting, including larvae stage critters that are drifting in the water column. Strong lights are suspended from beneath the boat while it is drifting over deep water. Divers descend down the lines to the lights which become magnets for marine life from the deep!

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Night Diving: Mandarinfish Dive Lembeh

Mandarinfish are one of the most iconic species of fish found in Lembeh. These colorful little fish mate at sunset and perform a wonderful and highly unique mating “dance”. The delicately and exquisitely patterned mandarin fish is most famous for its mating rituals – which take place at sunset. Our guides know an area of staghorn coral that is home to these incredible fish. Mandarin fish dives depart before sunset to ensure divers are in the water before the mating behavior begins.

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Night Diving: Fluro Diving in Lembeh

Looking for a unique and unforgettable diving experience? Look no further than fluo diving in the Lembeh Strait. This stunning location provides the perfect backdrop for viewing the underwater world in a completely different light, literally! Using a blue light, you’ll be amazed by the vibrant luminescence that goes unseen by the naked eye. Dive into a world of wonder and book your fluo diving adventure today!

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Dusk and Night Diving Safety

Diver safety is our priority here at Lembeh Resort and extra care is taken during night dives. Our boat crew are highly attentive and follow the divers lights from the surface. Our dive guides are not only experts at spotting marine life, they follow strict protocols and will regularly check in with you and keep the group together.

Dusk and Night Dive Sites

All of our dive sites are suitable for night diving and the Lembeh Strait has some of the best night diving sites in Indonesia. When deciding which dive sites to visit, our guides and boat crew take into consideration the sea conditions and which sites are proving most productive at that time.

Book Your Night Dives in Advance

Are you ready for your next (or first) trip to Indonesia? If you’d like to make night dives, bonfire, blackwater or mandarin fish dives during your stay, let us know when making your reservation.

We look forward to night diving in Lembeh with you soon!


North Sulawesi offers a tremendous variety of different diving activities, read on below to learn more.


The Lembeh Strait is recognized by marine biologists as having the World’s highest concentration of rare and unusual marine life. Our team of Dive Guides are all marine biology and underwater photography trained to ensure you experience the best of diving in Lembeh.

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Coral Reef in North Sulawesi

Join us for a 2 or 3 dive day trip to discover the rich and vibrant coral reefs which surround Bangka Island, the north of the Lembeh Strait and the east coast of Lembeh. These lesser known dive sites are teeming with life and bursting with kaleidoscopic colors.

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Lembeh Resort Rental Camera

Underwater photography is in our DNA. Our photography and marine biology trained guides, onsite Photo Pro, Camera Room and Camera Center are here to ensure you capture stunning underwater images and video footage which you can be proud of.

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