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Discover the coral reef dive sites at the north of the Lembeh Strait

The Lembeh Strait is a narrow stretch of water which divides Lembeh Island from the mainland of North Sulawesi. The legendary black sand slopes of the Strait are world famous for their muck diving but as one nears the north end of the Strait, the channel widens and the sandy slopes give way to beautiful coral reefs.

With dive site names such as California Dreaming and Angel’s Window, our North Lembeh trips are full of promise! Other dive sites located at the north end of the Strait include Dante’s Wall, Batu Kapal, Pulau Putus, Jiko Yansi and Batu Merah – these incredible sites all face open ocean which brings with it nutrients, schooling fish and passing pelagics.

North Lembeh coral reefs are comprised of a healthy, vibrant mix of hard and soft corals and an abundance of reef fish. The dive sites here are bursting with color and teeming with life. Look out for passing pelagics including reef sharks, eagle rays, hunting tuna and barracuda as well as schools of fusiliers in the blue.

The topography at these sites is equally diverse as the marine life, you’ll find everything from canyons and caves through to sea mounts and slopes. Angel’s Window takes its name from, quite literally, a “window” in the rock pinnacle and California Dreaming offers fields of kaleidoscope soft corals which make it one of Lembeh’s most colorful dive sites.

For underwater photographers, North Lembeh Strait dive sites offer a plethora of wide angle photography opportunities including stunning reef scenes, pelagics, schools of fish and dramatic topographies. For macro photographers these abundant reefs are home to host of critters including pygmy seahorses, frogfish, cephalopods, unique crustaceans and other many of the other iconic species which are found in the Strait.

North Lembeh dive sites are within easy reach of the resort so we make a two dive trip in the morning and return before lunch time. In between the dives we have a (minimum) one hour surface interval on the boat while we enjoy refreshments (fresh fruits, cookies, hot and cold drinks) and the topside scenery.

Our North Lembeh morning dive trips depart from Lembeh Resort in the at 8am. Trips are arranged on request (minimum numbers may apply) and there is no additional surcharge.

For more information or to reserve a day trip in advance of your stay, contact us.