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North Sulawesi Rainforest


North Sulawesi offers incredible scenery, rich culture and unique wildlife and birdlife. We invite you to take a tour with us and see more of this beautiful region of Indonesia. All of our tours are led by experienced and friendly Lembeh Resort guides who are passionate about sharing their homeland with you.

North Sulawesi is home to some of the most stunning and untouched scenery on Earth. Visit ancient volcanic peaks, tranquil crater lakes and forest laden, rolling hills in the Tangkoko National Park.

North Sulawesi is known as the “Land of Smiling People” for good reason, these warm hearted locals are among the friendliest you’ll meet and a welcoming smile is never amiss. Discover a rich culture which is steeped in history and traditions on one of our land tours around this unique region.

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Spa in Lembeh


Why not unwind by treating yourself to a relaxing massage or beauty treatment at our luxury spa? Enjoy one of our signature treatments with locally made products and essential oils – which are all palm oil free. This is the perfect way to end an amazing day of critter diving here in the Lembeh Strait.

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Food at Lembeh Resort

The artisanal farmers of North Sulawesi produce the freshest vegetables and tropical fruits throughout the year while the bountiful Celebes Sea offers some of the best seafood in Indonesia. To ensure an exquisite dining experience we receive daily deliveries of fresh locally grown produce.

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