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North Sulawesi offers incredible natural scenery, rich culture and unique wildlife and birdlife. We invite you to take a tour with us and see more of this beautiful region of Indonesia. All of our tours are led by experienced and friendly Lembeh Resort guides who are passionate about sharing their homeland with you.
Tangkoko National Park
Tangkoko National Park

This is the ideal North Sulawesi tour for nature lovers. Tangkoko National Park is home to the smallest primate in the world – the Tarsier. Based at the foot of the Dua Saudara Mountain in North Sulawesi, the area is a mixture of rolling hills and valleys. We walk through the park in search of the Black Crested Macaque, Hornbills, Kus Kus and Maleo birds as well as learning about the local fauna and flora along the way.

Minahasan Highland Tour
Minahasan Highlands

Our Minahasan Highland Tour is the perfect way to explore the area and experience the local culture, history and traditions of North Sulawesi. Summit an active volcano, visit tranquil crater lakes and waterfalls, taste freshly cooked delicacies, see endemic wildlife in it’s natural habitat and explore local villages, traditional markets and historic landmarks. You’ll be greeted by friendly local people every step of the way.

Village Tour in Lembeh Island
Village Walk

For guests interested in shorter tours and wanting to see some local North Sulawesi culture, this is the perfect tour. Visit our local village of Pintu Kota (meaning “Small Door to the Town”) with a knowledgable staff member who is from the village and will show you around. This is a great introduction to the local way of living on Lembeh Island and your guide will give you an insight into the village traditions.

Hiking in Lembeh Island
Hiking Lembeh Island

Lembeh Island is covered in lush jungle and is the perfect location for an active afternoon hike. Experience local culture while strolling through local villages and see how they grow exotic spices, herbs and fruits such as Nutmeg, Vanilla, Cloves and many more. You’ll also enjoy beautiful views over both the Lembeh Strait and the open expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Included in the tour is a small selection of local herbs and spices.

Birdwatching in North Sulawesi with Lembeh Resort

See some of the most exotic and endemic bird species that Sulawesi has to offer. Enjoy a gentle morning trek and an afternoon cruise through the mangroves. Some of the species you can expect to see include; numerous species of tropical Kingfishers, Yellow Billed Malkaoha, Bay-Coucal, Silver- Tipped Imperial Pigeons, Grey-Cheek Green Pigeon and the Brilliant Red Knobbed Hornbill. There are too many to list!

Dive boat at sunset
Sunset Cruises

Are you looking for an exclusive sunset experience? Our sunset cruises give you the opportunity to sail through the Strait as the sun goes down. Cruise through the northern parts of Lembeh Strait while enjoying a bottle of wine on the comfortable roof of our custom built boat. Watch the sky change through a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors while you simply kick back, relax and unwind.

Volcano Tour North Sulawesi
Volcano Tour

Summit a volcano during your stay! Starting from the Ranger Station at Mount Mahawu we begin the short trek to the crater’s edge where you can enjoy amazing views of islands Bunaken and Manado Tua. If you want a more active experience you can also trek around the crater’s edge. After working up an appetite, we stop for lunch at either Lake Tondano or a local restaurant that serves traditional Minahasan cuisine.

Market Tour Bitung North Sulawesi
Visit Local Markets

Tomohon traditional market is a popular local event where people go to buy and sell their produce. If you want to experience day to day life then this is a must visit location in North Sulawesi. You’ll find fruits and vegetables you’ve never seen before as well as some unexpected creatures in the live produce section. One of the highlights is seeing the locals bartering and there is a contagious buzz and vibe of activity!

Private Mangrove Cruise in Lembeh
Mangrove Cruises

The protected Mangrove Forrest of Batu Angus is located at the Northern end of the Lembeh Strait and offers a wonderful excursion for those who wish to experience the unique birds and the peaceful habitat of this healthy mangrove forest. The coral reef borders with the mangrove leaves which also offers a unique snorkelling and kayaking experience, great for underwater photographers who enjoy capturing light-rays and split-shots.

Cooking classes in Lembeh
Cooking Classes

Get a taste of local Minahasan cuisine! Learn how to prepare a variety of local Minahasan dishes with our Head Chef. Take home our recipe booklet along with some locally grown spices of your choice. We ask for one day’s notice so that we can prepare the necessary ingredients for the dishes of your choice.

TasikOki Wildlife Rescue Centre
Tasikoki Wildlife Center

Tasikoki is a non profit foundation which focuses on wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and release. Over the years the Tasikoki Wildlife Center has grown and become a well known institution in North Sulawesi. At the Tasikoki Center you can view and learn about some of Indonesia’s rarest wildlife and birdlife.

Kayaking in Lembeh Strait
Kayaking in Lembeh Strait

Sea kayaking is a wonderful way to see and explore more of the Lembeh Strait. Our sea kayaks are easy to paddle and you’ll be amazed by the wealth of marine, bird and wild life which resides along the banks of the Lembeh Strait. Enjoy gliding through tropical waters and admiring the stunning scenery of Lembeh.


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Private Villa at Lembeh Resort

We offer a unique and exclusive dive and stay experience in the Lembeh Strait. Lembeh’s world famous muck diving sites guarantee some of the rarest and most unusual marine life on Earth and Lembeh Resort delivers unsurpassed service and luxury in North Sulawesi.

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Unwind by treating yourself to a relaxing massage or beauty treatment at our luxury spa. Enjoy one of our signature treatments with locally made products and palm oil free essential oils. This is the perfect way to end an amazing day of critter diving here in the Lembeh Strait.

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At Lembeh Resort we aim to ensure that every detail is taken care of, that’s why all of our accommodation is tastefully designed with your comfort in mind. Our warm-hearted team offer service with a smile to ensure that your experience of Lembeh will be the best that it can be.

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