Guests experiencing local culture in Lembeh
Children walking to school in Lembeh
Lembeh Village
Culture in North Sulawesi


Explore our local village – meet the people and gain an insight in to day to day life on Lembeh Island and the work of the Lembeh Foundation

This trip is perfect if you are interested in a short tour but want to see some local culture. We offer the option of boat transfer to and from the village or trekking to the village and returning by boat.

For those choosing to trek, it is around a 30 minute walk from Lembeh Resort. The trail leaves from the back of the resort and winds up through the tropical forest before meeting the main road on Lembeh Island. In the forest it is possible to spot various species of birds and occasionally tarsier monkeys in the trees. We walk along the road to the highest point behind the resort, which offers stunning views through the trees, before turning down into our neighbouring bay and the village of Pintu Kota Kecil.

Exploring the village of Pintu Kota Kecil (which literally translates to small door to the town) is a wonderful experience. You’ll meet the villagers as you walk along the narrow roads which are bordered by local houses with picket fences. The village church is an unexpected structure – almost reminiscent of the Sydney opera house and the inside of the church features a the stern of a wooden boat behind the alter!

Pintu Kota Kecil is one of the villages supported by the Lembeh Foundation and the locals here aim to re-use their plastic waste as part of several projects. Look out for plastic bottles that have been repurposed into flower containers and other items around the village. In the entrance to the village is the Lembeh Foundation Trash Bank and behind the church is the Green Library learning centre which have both been funded through Lembeh Foundation donations.

Additional Information:

Items to bring along:

  • Camera – The local children love to pose for photos and you’ll have some wonderful photography opportunities along the way.
  • Water – If you are opting to trek to the village please bring your water bottle with you.
  • Walking or Running Shoes – Sturdy shoes (not flip-flops) are required for the trek through the forest.
  • Mosquito repellant – For trekking through the forest.

Departure time from Lembeh Resort: Departure times are flexible according to your diving schedule | Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours (by boat) / 2 hours (trekking one way)

Price: 1 person: IDR 250,000 | 2 people: IDR 200,000 per person | 3 people: IDR 170,000 per person | 4 people: IDR 150,000 per person