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Stunning scenery, traditional markets, historical sites and expert local knowledge

Our Minahasan highland tour allows you to explore this incredible region and learn about the local culture and history of North Sulawesi. All of our guides are multi-lingual and have expert knowledge of the area.

Here are some of the highlights included in this remarkable day trip:

Waruga – Waruga are historical Minahasan stone graves. Listen to the local caretaker of the site tell you the history of this fascinating tradition.

Tomohon Traditional Markets – The highlands’ climate is perfect for growing a variety of fresh produce. Visit the flower market and food market where you can see a variety of local specialties for sale. Expect vibrant colors, a hive of activity and no shortage of opportunities chances to try our your bartering skills.

Pirnaras Waterfall – This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by lush green jungle – it’s a beautiful photography opportunity.

Lake Linow – The color of Lake Linow varies due to it’s highly sulfurous nature and the changing light. Many bird species make this area their home. Watch out for bubbling mud holes as you walk around! This is a lovely spot to stop and enjoy a beverage and soak up the views.

Lake Tondano – This is the largest lake in the region and the second largest in the country. The flat land surrounding the lake is ideal for growing rice and this is one of the main industries of the area.

Japanese Caves – Dotted along the road side you can see the caves that the Japanese created during World War II. The caves are a somber reminder of turbulent Indonesian history.

Additional Information:

Departure time from Lembeh Resort: 7.30am | Duration: 7 – 8 hours

Price: 1 person: IDR 1,750,000 | 2 people: IDR 1,475,000 per person | 3 people: IDR 1,375,000 per person | 4 people: IDR 1,250,000 per person (includes a traditional Minahasan lunch, entrance fees and refreshments)