Solar Eclipse in Lembeh

Solar Eclipse in Lembeh


On 9 March we were fortunate enough to witness an amazing phenomenon here in Lembeh Strait, a solar eclipse. We departed after breakfast to a small deserted island in the middle of Lembeh Strait, the perfect vantage point for an hour of fun! Funny glasses were worn and many pictures were taken.

Solar eclipse - guests in LembehFor once the eyes of our guests were directed towards the sky rather than down on our many wonderfully strange critters.

Solar Eclipse in Lembeh Island -1George Pohle, a Lembeh Resort repeater had brought his 300mm Tele-lens, tri-pod and special filters all the way from Florida in order to capture these amazing images, thank you for sharing!

Solar Ecplise - Lembeh Island - 2016 - 2

Now there is something that you don’t see every day!

Solar Eclipse in Lembeh Island - 4

Close to the maximum obscuration of 98% only a thin edge was visible, crickets started chirping and birds started singing their goodnight songs.

Solar Ecplise - Lembeh Island - 2016 - 3

No posing was involved, not at all.

Solar Ecplise - Lembeh Island - 2016 - 4

For once the macro lenses were packed away in exchange for something a little longer.

Solar Ecplise - Lembeh SIland - 2016 - 1

Dive boats were on stand-by, the solar eclipse was followed by a 2-tank dive with mandarin-fish, wonderpus octopus, frogfish and much more!


Happy solar eclipse spectators with their eyes towards the skies.

Solar Eclipse in Lembeh Island - 3