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Breaking News‏

Award winning documentary filmmaker, recently filming at the Lembeh Resort wants to feature the Resort and Critters@Lembeh in their upcoming piece on ecology! We can’t say much at this time, things are pretty hush-hush while the project is being put together, but we can tell you this; Sources on property tell us that during their recent visit, the Director and his film crew were “impress with Lembeh Resorts commitment to eco-friendly business practices and their education of the local communities to protect their environment”.

During Fish Geek Week the film crew was at the property for 5 days filming Dr. Mark Erdmann for a piece on biodiversity.  Mark, recently promoted to VP of Conservation International, is a recognized expert on this topic, a dynamic speaker and his passion for the environment is all-encompassing.

The film crew spent a lot of time on location above and below, as you can imagine, they filmed the resort from every angle and were impressed with what they saw. The sweeping ocean vista from the Cliffside rooms seemed to be their favorite vantage point.

Even underwater the film crew, first timers at muck diving, was amazed at our bizarre and unusual critters in the Lembeh Strait. With the new dive boats at Critters@Lembeh and so much space it was easy to carry the crew and all their equipment. Our covered boats make the planning phase topside cooler in the shade.

More as the story unfolds!