2014 School Year Begins!

2014 School Year Begins!

This year was a great success. Through guest donations, Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh were able to help the local children, Indonesia’s future generations to come. Thank you for letting us be your “ambassadors of good will”, please know, you made these kids smile with joy!

Last year, with the help from many generous guests, we donated 30 sets of uniforms for less fortunate children in our 2 neighbouring communities. This year, with your help we were able to donate enough supplies for 40 children. In addition, to 40 sets of uniforms we gave basic school materials as well. Each child was given colored pencils, notebooks, gym shorts, tooth brush, tooth paste and a backpack to hold everything (pink for the girls). Children are curious by nature and you should have seen their faces as they looked inside, the joy we saw was because of your donations

The following day we returned to, Pintu Kota Kecil our closest village to donate colouring materials, soccer balls and other group games (offered by guests) that are now being used by the entire community. The World Cup is very popular in Indonesia and everyone is cheering for their favorite team, so the soccer balls were a hit! We brought cakes and the children sang and played together, it was a an afternoon filled with fun and laughter. This is a small community and many of the local children are very artistic, they play, draw, sing and dance together, so all the group games and painting materials are very appreciated.

Earlier this year, with donations from guests, we started building learning centers in both villages. We have installed a computer with USB modems and a small library, accessible to all the children of the village. Our goal now, besides gathering funds for the next school year, is to complete the learning centers with more books and other educational tools.

On your next visit to Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh, if you would like to help our local children, feel free to bring something along. We suggest very basic English children’s books, coloring pens and pencils, very simple English dictionaries, group sports accessories or even musical instruments. We would also like to provide English language DVDs to help the locals improve their English in hopes of greater employment opportunities.

 If you wish to contribute financially or offer specialized help with any of these projects, please e-mail info@lembehresort.com. The warm and welcoming people of North Sulawesi, as well as the glorious natural resources here, make Lembeh such a special place. Please keep an eye on our website for updates on the progress of these and future projects.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of our generous guests and donors!

Our local children said a big “Terima Kasih”! (Thank you!)