Annual Calendar Competition 2016

Annual Calendar Competition 2016

This year’s calendar drawing competition has been a real hit yet again with our team here at Lembeh Resort. After a lot of sketching, coloring, erasing and starting again the final pictures were really wonderful – we are always overwhelmed by the talents of our team! We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our guests who voted on the entries and congratulations to Roy whose Flamboyant cuttlefish drawing was the overall winner!

Roy- drawing competition


It isn’t just the drawings in the calendar that are down to our guides – the photographs are too and these have been chosen according to your votes on Facebook – we are very happy with this year’s calendar as it really showcases what a gifted team we have here. Thank you to all who took part in voting, either in resort or online, and most of all thank you to our team!


Winners Drawing Competition:

1st.Roy Pelealu (IT & FO – Lembeh Resort)

2nd. Vadly “Opo S.” Makasighe ( Dive Guide – critters@Lembeh Resort)

3rd. Fandy Sangi ( Dive Guide – critters@Lembeh Resort)







Winners Photo Competition:

1st.Vadly “Opo S.” Makasighe ( Dive Guide – critters@Lembeh Resort)

2nd. Maykel Lumondo (Dive Guide – critters@Lembeh Resort)

3rd. Dimpy Jacobs (Dive Instructor & Marine Biologist – critters@Lembeh Resort)