Behind the Scenes: Employee of the Month August

Behind the Scenes: Employee of the Month August

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month of August, Piere!

Borned and raised in Tomohon, a Minahasa highland city near Lokon volcano, Piere has been part of the front desk team for a year. He studied English Literature in Manado State University and has accepted the challenge of helping his team improving their English by organizing regular English classes. He joined the resort because he was curious about people from other countries and tourism in general, he also hoped this job would help himbreak out of his shell and be less shy.

“I’ve never thought that I could be accepted as staff in a well-known resort, and never thought I would  find a workplace that could make the staff feel like family. I also didn’t even realize that I have been here for a year and I have learned so many new things, and there’s still so much to learn. I guess this is what people call luck….”

Piere is now learning how to dive and is quite excited about it, on his free time he also enjoys reading and playing games.

We appreciate Piere for his team work and kindness, he is shy but always willing to help guests or colleagues.