Behind the Scenes: Employee of the Month November

Behind the Scenes: Employee of the Month November

Congratulations to our Employee of the Month of November, Feybe!

Feybe has been part of the housekeeping team since Lembeh Resort started about 12 years ago. Feybe lives just across the Strait in Bitung and she is the proud mother of 2 wonderful boys. Her first born, now 12 year old and a new baby boy only 8 months old.

Feybe has wonderful memories of the years spent working here and appreciates all the improvements done in the resort over the years.

“Maybe one day I would like to try another job, but for now I still enjoy being a part of the Housekeeping team in Lembeh Resort. I particularly like the management team and all my colleagues. I will keep doing my job the best I can to make sure every guest enjoys a clean and comfortable room during their stay.”

Feybe enjoys getting creative decorating the guest rooms for special occasions. Maybe she’ll decorate a room for a special occasion for you in the future or has in the past.

We appreciate Feybe for her team work and kindness, she is shy but a great team player.