Critters of Lembeh Resort

Critters of Lembeh Resort

Not only underwater can one find amazing critters in Lembeh!

Amidst our lush tropical gardens you can find an array of wonderful little creatures. These Tortoise Beetles, named after their turtle like shell, can close themselves off entirely to become one with the leaves they live on, thereby avoiding getting eaten by birds and lizards. They are locally also known as gold beetles for obvious reasons, their bodies have an incredible iridescent gold-colored cover that shimmers in various amazing hues under sunlight!


One of the most amazing animals that we have seen recently in our garden has taken up home directly outside our restaurant in our big beautiful avocado tree; The Lined-Gliding Lizard!

This amazing animal has colorful wings folded into its abdomen, which it can use to glide over significant distances and between treetops. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to get a picture of it with its wings open but believe us when we say that it is an absolutely incredible sight!




Perfectly camouflaged and often found hiding in our lush gardens you may have the opportunity to spy a Praying Mantis. Well known for their bizarre mating habits, you’d be an incredibly lucky diver to catch a glimpse of this ritual. That would be some image! What an awesome display of animal behavior as the female rips the males head of after mating and ingests it. This is one case where looks do not deceive!



So if you’ve got some down time, think about taking your camera out of the underwater housing, take a walk around the grounds of Lembeh Resort and see what kind of macro photography you can find above the water.