You are a Dive Geek When – Part I

You are a Dive Geek When – Part I

#URADiveGeekWhen: (Oops sorry! That’s you know you are a #Hashtag Geek When)

You get really worried when you can’t equalize your ears on demand.

You’re pleased when your sinus’ clear and you can blow your nose (usually in your hand).

You are “WoWed” by fish counts.

You’re relieved when you make it through a dive without going pee in your suit.

You’re alright going pee in your suit, if fact you’re glad, it warms you up.

You pat yourself on the back when you ask for weights and get your buoyancy perfect the first time.

You feel like you’ve been given a treat when your tank has 3100psi/213bar.

You get super excited when you reach 100 dives (vs. 100 rounds of golf (do people count that?)).

You color coordinate your dive gear.

You say “no more tears” as you squirt baby shampoo into your mask.

You just snort, sniff or snork up spit and spit in your mask and say “natures best”.

You prefer to use all your luggage weight allowance for dive gear and underwater photo equipment and don’t pack clothes – after all, you can always buy a t-shirt at the dive shop!

Your collection of souvenir dive t-shirts needs to be housed in a walk-in closet.

When you can’t get your diving fix you put on your equipment and get in the pool.

The staff at your favorite dive shop is ecstatic to see you and know you better than most of your family.


Raise your hand if You are a Dive Geek!

Stay tuned for Part II! If you have any you’d like to add we’d love to hear them.


Written by ~ Kristine Hobson in collaboration with Lauren Siba