Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprint

Do you consider your environmental footprint when planning your vacation?

One of the reasons why Jill and Guy, that stayed with us recently, chose Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh for their vacation is our environmental awareness. North Sulawesi and Lembeh Strait more specifically, is in the epicentre of biodiversity, we cherish this special place and hope to create awareness amongst the local population.

Because of this we strive to be more energy efficient and eco friendly, we are currently working to ensure that all of our light fittings will be able to take energy saving light bulbs. We do not sell any plastic bottles on site and we try to discourage their use, as there are currently no plastic recycling facilities in the area. We provide a reusable 19 litre bottle of drinking water in the room and a reusable bottle that you can use on your transfers and tours. We use Biosolve, a bacteria-based cleaning product which eats grease and converts it into carbon dioxide. All empty glass bottles are returned to our suppliers to be reused or recycled. At several locations around the resort we have installed waste water gardens, used to nourish our beautiful gardens. There are plans to build more of these on the property. Projects are in the works to improve our energy efficiency and we are working towards being able to supply power to ourselves and the local village through greener methods.

The local communities have a fundamental role in protecting the environment and through education and awareness we would like to help them become greener and stop using plastic bags. For every “save a critter don’t litter” canvas bag purchased at our gift shop we donate 1 bag to the local villagers. To reduced our use of plastic bags our purchasing department uses reusable boxes for most of our supplies.

Guests staying  at the resort seem happy to help these efforts by switching off any unnecessary lights and air conditioning when leaving the room. Taking their empty plastic containers and especially batteries to recycling stations that are easy to find in their home countries. Changing bed linens and towels every couple of days rather than every day saves a tremendous amount of energy, detergent and fuel.

We are aware that more can and should be done, do you have any suggestions? Feel free to contact us at info@lembehresort.com if you have any other ideas, we’d love to hear them.