Explore Minahasa Culture

Explore Minahasa Culture

You may already know that Lembeh Strait has the best critter diving in Indonesia but have you explored North Sulawesi’s riches above water?

A wealth of options awaits guests who explore the terrestrial world while taking a break from diving Lembeh Strait.


Tangkoko National Park is home to the smallest primate in the world – the tarsier.

At the foot of Dua Saudara Mountain, the tarsiers’ habitat is a mixture of rolling hills and valleys, only a 1.5-hour drive from Lembeh Resort.


If you wish to explore the local Minahasan culture, we can organize a day tour customized for your interests.

Visit a volcano, the historical stone graves called Waruga, the sulfuric Lake Linow, a local traditional market or serene rice paddies.


Sample the delights of our popular tour of the local Minahasan cuisine! At Lembeh Resort you can learn to prepare a variety of local Minahasan dishes with our chef.

The best part is you get to enjoy the fruits of your learning at dinnertime.


North Sulawesi has so much to offer—whether you’re muck diving, honing your underwater photography skills, searching out endangered mammals, exploring local history and culture, or treating your taste buds.

Let us show you all the best that North Sulawesi has to offer!