Lembeh Resort School-Donations 2016

Lembeh Resort School-Donations 2016

Over the years Lembeh Resort has developed a long history of supporting the local communities of Lembeh Island. Resort founder Alex Rorimpandey initiated these projects more than a decade ago and in his spirit the staff and guests of Lembeh Resort has kept the project going to help provide a better education for the children of Lembeh Island.

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We are happy to announce that with the help of our kind guests this year we distributed packages of School Uniforms and School supplies to a total of 22 children in our nearby village of Pintu Kota Besar.


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To those who have supported our School Donation Projects over the years we would like to extend a warmhearted THANK YOU, on behalf of the children as well as their parents, your efforts are highly appreciated. Also we would like to thank you for allowing us to be your ambassadors of good will, it is truly a privilege for us to assist with passing on your generous contributions to our little communities.


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In addition to the School Support Donation Lembeh Resort has now saved up enough funds for a very exciting project which has been in the planning for quite some time, a Community Learning Centre. The construction will commence shortly in the smaller village located North of Lembeh Resort. The Learning Centre will have a small library with english books, a computer and a printer to help children, teenagers and adults alike will have a chance to learn about the digital world. It will also be a place for the children to watch English children’s movies and cartoons on select days after school, we hope that this will help them to start learning English already at a young age and to help broaden their field of view toward to the World beyond our little tropical paradise.


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If you are planning to come to Lembeh Resort and would like to support the School Donation Project, even if only in the most symbolic of way then please feel free to contact us on info@lembehresort.com for more information.