Lucy Agace-Scuba Channels

Lucy Agace-Scuba Channels

Welcome Lucy Agace from Scuba Channels. We are happy she is enjoying her time with us and can’t wait to see more of her photos.

“It has been over 22 years since l last dived the Indonesia and l will not leave it so long again! The diving in Lembeh has surpassed my expectations l did not think it was possible to see so many rare and unusual species on one dive. Imagine what you can see in a week! From the tasteful dinning to the stunning views the Lembeh Resort creates a sanctuary of bliss set in private tranquil surroundings and smoothly run by Ana and Miguel. It has been an awesome dive trip and I only hope my images have captured the individual beauty and character of the critters l have photographed and filmed.“

Yawning FrogfishLucy is a founder creator of Scuba Channels and was the driving force behind its conception in 2013. Scuba Channels is a FREE interactive members website for you to join and upload your favourite photos and videos to share. Get simple photo tips and improve your success rate. Enter our competitions, win prizes. Share your diving adventures and read others from all over the world. Our Links page is full of useful dive travel destinations andthro. Expert photographer Nigel Wade, who writes for DIVER magazine also Blogs for us. Be connected to all the latest global marine conservation news and add yours.

About Lucy: I learnt to scuba dive in 1986 and since then l have had the pleasure of diving these incredible places: Cuba, many Caribbean Islands, Galapagos Islands, Cocos Island, French Polynesia, Rangiroa, Tonga and Fiji Islands, Solomon Islands, Truk Lagoon and Palau, Indonesia, Thailand, Andaman Islands, Maldives, Chagos Archipelago, Cozumel, Cenotes Mexico and the Red Sea.

INDL14bre38Underwater photography has been my passion since my first dive, that and my love of marine life. During a six year voyage around the world l encountered amazing sea life and formed unforgettable memories. On a Fijian island we met a tribal chief to ask his permission to dive on his reefs and the islanders of Ifalik who allowed me to sit on their sacred ground where no females are allowed and so on. A very lucky special time.
My enthusiasm for helping people improve their photographs and strike rates, was the reason for developing the Barbados Underwater Photo Academy. I offer INON UK level 1 U/W photography courses for compact digital cameras throughout the year. Details for this can be found on
I have two published books the Barbados Dive Guide and Diving Guide to Cocos Island. Please feel free to email me anytime:   🙂


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