Meet Lovi – Lembeh Resort’s Front Desk Supervisor

For those of you who have stayed at Lembeh Resort it’s more than likely that you have me Lovi at our reception. Lovi has been with us for almost 10 years and she’s a key person who has grown alongside us.

Lovi was born in Papua (many of you may know Raja Ampat) and moved to North Sulawesi when she was 5 years old. Lovi grew up in Tandurusa Village which is close to our nearest town of Bitung.


Front Desk Lembeh Resort

Lovi is an essential part of our team and has grown with us over the years

Lovi attended college after high school and began studying English. Her vocational program included 3 months at college and 3 months in a work placement – which she took at Lembeh Resort. With just 3 months of college learning she amazed us with her language ability and friendly, open nature with staff and guests. Of course we took her on board full time!

Lovi began working in the resort in the restaurant where she quickly developed her English skills through talking with guests and our international staff. In 2011 Lovi was ready to start work on our front desk and in 2012 she was promoted to front desk supervisor.


Lovi is passionate about sharing the culture of North Sulawesi with guests at Lembeh Resort

Lovi began by arranging arrival and departure transport, greeting guests, handling tours and guest questions. Now she is supervising 5 front desk staff, 2 reservations staff, 1 member of invoicing staff and all drivers and spa staff.


Accommodation in Lembeh

Lembeh Resort caters for divers and those who want to explore the local area

“It is through the encouragement of our General Manager, Petra, that I have been able to step up to this role. The staff which I supervise are hard working and dedicated to Lembeh Resort. I love that I can talk to guests and even though I have not traveled overseas I meet people from all countries and know them, their culture and way of life. I like to be working closely with the guests and I get this opportunity at Lembeh Resort.

At Lembeh Resort we are like one family and the teamwork is excellent. Everyone is working together to be the best. I have a small family and here I am part of one really big family. I feel the same way towards the guests – they are also like part of an extended family. When guests are returning to Lembeh Resort it’s so good to see them again. Like family coming back to visit”.