Truly Epic Diving.

Truly Epic Diving.

…Suffice it to say that this is some truly epic diving.

All of these strange critters are found in the Lembeh Strait near Bitung in North Sulawesi located in the north-east corner of Indonesia. Getting there is a bit of a pain from California, but well worth the trip. The Strait is mostly sandy bottom that looks rather inhospitable at first sight. Most of the dive is spend looking for that strange little color spot in all the rubble and dirt. However, once you find one of those critters, you just can’t stop admiring them.

The Lembeh Strait is a macro heaven. Forget your wide angle and focus on the little stuff. If you want more of the blue water coral, you have to move to some of the further out dive sites. While they are definitely great, it’s the sandy muck dives that make this area special.

My favorite are the frog fishes. Although the Coconut Octopus makes a close second. I’ll upload a video of one getting into his home sometime later. And since I am a real sucker for Nudibranchs, this area is just a dream. Tons and tons of nudibranchs of all sizes and colors.

The excellent guides from the critters@lembeh dive shop located at the Lembeh Resort make the task of finding the critter seem really easy. Diving there is otherwise absolute luxury if you are accustomed to California diving. Water temperatures is around 80ºF – 85ºF with visibility around 30 ft and more.

Sergio Lucato