What Makes Diving With Lembeh Resort So Special?

What Makes Diving With Lembeh Resort So Special?

It is without question that the Lembeh Strait offers some extremely special muck diving and underwater photography opportunities but we believe that a truly special diving experience encompasses so much more.
Here at Lembeh Resort we want your diving and stay with us to be brimming with superlatives. That’s why when it comes to our diving operations we set ourselves incredibly high standards to ensure we exceed your expectations.

Critters@lembehresort Dive team

Our team of Dive Guides go the extra mile to ensure that we exceed your expectations

Here are some of the little “extras” which we believe take your Lembeh diving experience from good to great…

  • Double dives: Whenever we go out for a two dive trip our boats are stocked with tropical fresh fruits, tea and coffee for you to enjoy between dives. Not only that but we’ll also provide you with a hot, scented face towel so you can refresh in comfort on board the boat.


Diving in Lembeh

When making a two dive trip in Lembeh we ensure the boats are well stocked with little extras


  • Diving in Lembeh in comfort: All Lembeh Resort Dive Boats are fitted out with comfortable cushioned seating so you won’t be sitting on hard benches. All boats also have on board bathrooms, plenty of storage space for cameras and belongings.


Diving in Lembeh

All Dive Boats have ample storage space and cushions for guests and cameras


  • Complimentary aluminum water bottles: When you arrive at Lembeh Resort you’ll receive a complimentary water bottle. This is yours to keep and take home with you and it makes staying hydrated even easier.


Lembeh Service

Complimentary aluminium water bottles are yours to take home


  • Dive site briefings with a difference: When you are diving in Lembeh with us, not only will our Dive Guides give a briefing before every dive, they’ll also draw out the site for you and show you the critters in their ID books to look out for beforehand.


Diving in Lembeh

A great dive site briefing adds to the experience when diving in Lembeh


  • Sweet treats: When we are diving in Lembeh Strait, we usually make single dives and return to the resort in between. Awaiting you at the pool side bar you’ll find home baked sweet treats to enjoy during your surface interval.
  • Easy exiting: If you don’t want to exit the water with your gear on, that’s no problem. Our boat crew are on standby to take your gear from you and carefully lift it onboard.


Diving in Lembeh Strait

Our crew are ready to assist you with gear upon exiting the water


  • Equipment set up and care: This is your holiday so when you board the boat you’ll find your equipment is already set up for you, as you like it. At the end of the diving day we’ll bring it off the boat for you, wash it and hang it up to dry in your gear locker. We aim to make your diving in Lembeh as easy as possible – we take care of your gear so you don’t have to.


Lembeh Resort dive boat

Your gear will be set up as you like it before you board the boat


  • An elite team of Dive Guides: Having a good Dive Guide when you are diving in Lembeh is important but we aim to provide exceptional Dive Guides. To ensure our high standards are met, all of our Dive Guides are trained and tested in critter ID and have marine biology and underwater photography training too.


Lembeh Resort Dive Guides

All Dive Guides are underwater photography and marine biology trained and tested.


  • Marine Life ID: We understand that you are passionate about marine life and curious to know more about what are guides are pointing out to you. All of our Dive Guides carry underwater slates with them and they’ll make a list of what you see underwater, as you see it.
  • Marine Biologists: Having trouble with marine life ID? Not a problem, we have two full time marine biologists on staff to help you with identification and answer any questions you may have.


Private Guide Lembeh

Our private guide and private boat services offer total exclusivity when diving in Lembeh


  • Private Guides and Private Boats: Are you looking for an even more exclusive diving in Lembeh experience? We also offer private guides and private boats – choose your own dive sites, choose your own schedule and dive when and where you want to.

At Lembeh Resort we hope to exceed your expectations both in and out of the water and if there’s anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable just let us know – our team are always happy to help.
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