Great Trip, Loved Everything About It

Great Trip, Loved Everything About It

This was Roeland and Saskias’ first trip to Lembeh Resort and diving with Critters@Lembeh.Roeland a videographer, wanted to improve his photo skills during his vacation and took a couple of courses with Cameras@Lembeh Photo Pro Sascha Janson. Excited to put his new knowledge into practice he and Saskia hired one of Critters@Lembeh’s private dive guides, Iwan Muhani. Able to enjoy their dives without interruptions, Roeland was able to spend time with his subjects and work on his skills. Iwan, formerly trained by Larry Smith and Sascha Janson, also shoots underwater photography and is a good photographer as well.  He understands the needs of photographers he guides and was able to assist Roeland in furthering is underwater videography skills.

 It sure makes things more exciting when your “subjects” are living their everyday lives and you are able to capture awesome behavior; like a Flamboyant cuttlefish breaking out of its shell!  Watch the video Roeland shot and edited and be amazed at nature.


“Thank you all, it has been amazing. Excellent diving (thanks Iwan!) and a great resort. Too bad that Ana and Miguel were on a well earned trip, would have liked to spend more time with you. Sascha, Lauren and Kristine; loved the nice diners together. Overall: great trip, loved everything about it!”

Saskia and Roeland