Critters at Lembeh Resort


It is a little known fact that the waters immediately outside of the Lembeh Strait are home to pristine coral reefs and diverse marine life.
Explore the beautiful reefs of North Sulawesi with Lembeh Resort.

Imagine drifting over fields of stunning corals while surrounded by clouds of colorful reef fish. While most people associate diving Lembeh with muck diving, did you know that there are also beautiful coral reefs, walls, pinnacles, stunning mangrove areas, wrecks, white sand beaches, schooling fish and pelagics all within easy reach?

Here is just a taster of some of the other incredible coral reef diving and snorkeling opportunities that Lembeh has to offer.

Coral Reefs in North Lembeh

California Dreaming, Dante’s Wall and Angel’s Window are just a few of the incredible coral reefs and pinnacles that the north end of the Lembeh Strait has to offer. Making a relaxing, morning two dive trip to these sites opens up a host of colorful and vibrant reef diving and wide angle photography opportunities.

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Diving in East Lembeh

Discover the wild side of Lembeh Island. You’ll find craggy cliffs, rugged scenery and remote dive sites which are simply breathtaking. Schools of fish and colorful coral reefs await you. Look out for passing sharks and other underwater pelagic predators. This is a unique three dive trip where we circumnavigate Lembeh island.

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Batu Punteng Diving North Sulawesi

These stunning, world class dive sites are among the richest in North Sulawesi. You’ll see passing reef sharks, huge schools of fish and no shortage of some of the regions predators. The journey is part of the adventure with white sand beaches, beautiful scenery and tropical coast lines along the way.

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Diving in Bangka Island

Bangka’s white sand beaches and kaleidoscopic, soft coral adorned reefs are a visual overload. Discover pristine dive sites, see passing pelagics and a frenzy of activity in the blue. A three dive trip to Bangka is an amazing day out which presents plentiful wide-angle opportunities.

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North Sulawesi offers a tremendous variety of diving experiences, from the easy muck diving over black sand slopes to the colorful reefs, exhilarating drifts and rugged pinnacles; read on below to learn more.


The Lembeh Strait is recognized by marine biologists as having the World’s highest concentration of rare and unusual marine life. Our team of Dive Guides are all marine biology and underwater photography trained to ensure you experience the best of diving in Lembeh.

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Dive boat sunset lembeh

For some of the unique marine creatures of the Lembeh Strait the action is just getting started when the sun goes down. Dusk or night diving in Lembeh is an absolute must for anyone who wants to see some of Lembeh’s strangest nocturnal critters.

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Lembeh Resort Camera Services rental and repairs

Underwater photography is in our DNA. Our photography and marine biology trained dive guides, onsite Photo Pro, Camera Room and Camera Center are here to ensure you capture stunning underwater images and video footage which you can be proud of.

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