Lembeh Resort Panorama
Lembeh Blue Ring Octopus
Luxury Accommodations Lembeh
Coral Reef in Lembeh


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Happy Birthday Lembeh Resort!

Wednesday 12th December 2012 marked the 10th Anniversary of Lembeh Resort and what a great 10 years that it has been. How did Lembeh Resort begin??! It began as the family holiday home of Alex Rorimpandey, a North Sulawesi native from nearby Tondano. What began as a single cottage overlooking the...
What’s Happening Day 7 of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

Firstly today is the actual 10th Anniversary of Lembeh Resort, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! Resident Photo Pro, Steve Fish kicked on the anniversary celebration with an informative and humorous talk on Video Editing Workflow. The exact words 'If you don't organise, you are so screwed' seemed to be a running theme through...
Recap from Day Six of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

Mark Pemberton signed up for the underwater photography workshop, and visit Lembeh for the first time: "Divers should expect the unexpected and take delight in the obscure! Critters here at Lembeh are beautiful, bizarre, and fantastical by design. A welcome sight from the norm. If love was the drug, then Lembeh is...