Lembeh Resort Panorama
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Coral Reef in Lembeh


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A Truly Magical Place

"A truly magical place for your dive vacation destination. A place where the staff greets you with a smile, cheery hello, and they know your name. Comfortable rooms to relax after busy dive day and very tasty food to keep you fueled. A place with incredible dive sites, critters that...
Fluorescence in Lembeh

"Fluorescence is off the wall here in Lembeh.  A 60 minute night dive passed in what seemed like a blink of an eye while observing and shooting extraordinary fluorescence exhibited by many inverts and even some fishes.  While fluorescence is quite common here in Lembeh Strait, as well as other...
Happy Birthday Lembeh Resort!

Wednesday 12th December 2012 marked the 10th Anniversary of Lembeh Resort and what a great 10 years that it has been. How did Lembeh Resort begin??! It began as the family holiday home of Alex Rorimpandey, a North Sulawesi native from nearby Tondano. What began as a single cottage overlooking the...