Lembeh Resort Panorama
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Coral Reef in Lembeh


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Small Resort Residents Spotted!

We have always known that we have a small troop of Tarsiers living in and around the resort as we can often hear them calling to each other around dusk and dawn. In the past we have seen them sitting in a tree close to the restaurant but recent guests...
Monthly Highlights Video – November 2011

November was a terrific month of diving at Lembeh Resort. Our guides were at their best and found loads of rare and exotic creatures. It wasn't just a good month for critters though, it was also a good month for critter behaviors too. Come on out and...
Harlequin in the House!

It’s been a great week for critters here at Lembeh Resort, and Jake & Erica Kocon are really enjoying their first dive trip to Lembeh! They’ve enjoyed lot’s of Frogfish, Octopuses, special crustaceans like Boxer Crab and of course the Harlequin Shrimps that they saw on our House Reef. The...